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Sports Massage and Laser Therapy Testimonials

Neil Bennett, November 4th, 2019:

"I have been to see Jody after injuring my back. She recommended I under go deep tissue laser therapy, a new service that she offers. I am glad I did! It has an almost immediate effect in easing my back pain, is it quick and effective, after several treatments my back is feeling much better and I am recovering well. I would recommend this to anyone."

Stuart Williams, June 14th, 2019:

"Jody is very warm and welcoming along with a fab treatment made for a lovely experience.
Much appreciated and needed. Thank you."

Anna Jones, September 18th, 2018:

"Extremely professional & very thorough. Talks through any issues you may have & works to give best relief to any problem areas.
Jody has such a friendly & assuring approach I find the sessions relaxing, enjoyable & over far too quickly!! Can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you Jody x"


Richard Keely, 9th March 2018:

"When I first saw Jody I was unable to walk without the aid of crutches due to severe back issues which have been with me for years. Yesterday I spent two hours in the gym, 12 months ago, if anyone had suggested this, I would have assumed they needed therapy!! Jody, through her knowledge, skill and dedication, is a huge part of my rehabilitation. I now walk miles with my dog, attend the gym three times a week and very shortly will be back on the golf course (my passion) after a two year absence! I owe a huge debt to Jody and would fully recommend her as someone with an amazing skill set. Why would one sit and suffer when, after a treatment with Jody, one can sit and recover!!"

Wendy Bambrok, 26th April, 2017

"Amazing deep tissue massage from Jody.. I feel like a rag doll again!! Can highly recommend"

Harriet Franklin, 28th March, 2017


"Jody has been fantastic, each time I go to her I have different aches and pains and she always sorts me out. I always used to have mid back pain when riding my horse, I explained this to, Jody she worked on the area and did a few slightly different stretches and I've not had the pain since. I also went after moving house with a very sore collar bone and neck pains which had been giving me head aches and she once again sorted me out. Thank you very much. Highly recommended."

John Wolf, 18th Feb, 2017


"I've been suffering with back pain for a long time due to my job,a friend recommended Jody to me I decided to make an appointment for a deep tissue massage and all I can say is WOW,I wish I had of seen her sooner,she has magic hands!
Jody is friendly,very knowledgeable and professional.  My back feels totally relaxed and pain free. I would definitely recommend her. Thank You Jody."

Neil Cox, 10th January, 2017

"I can wholly recommend Jody. Professional sports massage combined with her advice and exercises in-between treatments ensure positive and effective results every time."

Barry Butler, 3rd January, 2017

"On going knee condition and a doctor's referral led me to Flex. Seriously professional. Programme sorted and looking forward to a pain-free future!! Thanks, Jody"

Laura Walker, 20th December, 2016

"Highly recommended. I work at a desk all day and suffer from shoulder and back pain. After just 1 massage, I can feel such a difference"

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